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God Is very Good

Thoughts, philosophy and life lesson | White Rhino

GOD Is Very Good

The translation will  be continued and  will be improved

White Rhino
קרנף לבן
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First Edition

 Dedicated to my dear family and to God and His angels who help me greatly
As well as to all the staff and doctors who help me in my illness.
 I've worked hard on this book.  I changed it, formulated it better and consulted with others
 And I hope that my work will be good and the book will benefit to me and to others
 For the English translation

English is not my mother language so I hope I did not make a lot of mistakes.
In any case, the Hebrew source is the real source of my opinion. 
Also, I find it difficult to translate Hebrew songs to English songs.  There is a need English-speaking poet for that. .

God was generated naturally but our universe is artificial - created by Him in the Big Bang

God is very good
I know that God is very good because the person whom God has made knows to distinguish between good and evil. And for the most ways strives for the best. And by virtue of the distinction between good and evil that has been existed for many years, it is clear that man will be better over the generations     until he deserves his wisdom and  his great strength.
And whoever creates a creature that distinguishes  between  good  and evil and seeks  for good is very good.

There is no telepathy
Most people who believe in telepathy are attributing it to unusual cases. But exceptional cases are   naturally occurred and completely accidental. There are, of course, things that are explained as unconscious learning. Just as two friends call to each other by phone on a holiday eve out of their joy for the holiday, and they call when they think their second friend is not busy at home or it's a rest time, and often when the other one just called, this is an example of unconscious learning of habit rather than telepathy. In telepathy studies, two people are given cards with pictures. But human beings have aesthetic and other preferences. So they will choose many true images.  There are aesthetic preferences. There are also preferences about sex, numbers, sounds and more. For these and other reasons, very few psychologists believe in telepathy. Because it has no credibility and it makes no sense.
In other words, it is a disturbance of belief that the reason for it is books and films that speak of it as science fiction books and also mental problems.
Moses' philosophy

What a shame that the Torah was forged.
And they put   their dirty hands even on the Prophets and the Scriptures.
It was forged by priests and kings
They reviled each other
And took benefit for their selves.
They knew that well
The sages of the Talmud and the Mishna
And I wanted to know what it was
Moses' Original Words
Sages of blessed memory call the Torah only to Moses's Original Words.
There is positive in the written material and there is a negative
And you have to be good and wise
To uphold the good and reject evil
To be a good Jew

There is no completely holy book
Always read in criticism
Maybe the author was wrong.
Maybe someone forged.
  Perhaps not suitable for the period

Morality and conscience and wisdom

Are there are sins at all
After all, there was no prophecy
And the Torah was laid.
And God did not obviously speak anything to anyone.
But there are sins, too
Man has morality and conscience and wisdom
 To Distinguish between good and evil
And when it's bad
God demands from Him.
That way you will not kill
That way you will not eat meat, chicken, and fish
That will give you time to rest and freedom in the country
It is not good to be without rest and freedom at all
And so you will not sleep with your relatives.
And will help the poor, the old man, the sick and the oppressed.
 The source of laws is man
According to morality and conscience and the wisdom that God created
And God demands man for bad laws
And God demands man for the bad deeds
Yes, although God did not command at all obviously there are sins.
And laws that are clear forming their selves are commandments.
A hypothesis that explains how That there is a God

This hypothesis is written with greater caution in order to prevent research as possible
And therefore is only qualitative. Because some scientists may be stupid and crazy to destroy the material and Foundations of the universe to find what preceded them. Which in they do in their stupidity and crazy in the study of the big Bang. And therefore research on this subject is dangerous to mankind because direct disasters that may occur due to the dangerous   researches and indirect by knowledge achieved in the era of a violent and very immoral man in war and under pressure.

I also prove that there is a God. My proof based on the vast amount of matter in our universe that includes the land of stars, planets and suns and galaxies.
And more...
A process that creates a large quantity of such material is not random and the material is not alive
And therefore cannot make itself from something simple and small to something huge and great.

And therefore it is proven to every reasonable person that there is a God.

(Further proof based on biology sees below)

Assumptions that have been graduated

1) There exists a nature that preceded our universe because our universe is defined entirely by God
And nature before that we do not know what it nature and it is nature laws.
 ( The Ancient Nature is nature before the big bang in less precise words.
And more accurately, as I assumed in the hypothesis, even before a number of actions that God did to create the Big Bang.)
2) In the nature preceding our universe there is a spontaneous and random generate of things, for otherwise there was no God and no one to create our universe.
3) The things that are generated are not big. And in fact they are quite small in general because if they were big- It was not by chance that they were usually generated.
4) I use the term 'things' because it is clean from physical meaning. Because what is generated in the same previous nature is not defined in the physical meaning of the physics of our universe.
5) The things that are generated in nature that preceded our universe disappear spontaneously in a relatively short time usually. Because otherwise all the space that preceded our nature was filled with small, fixed things.
6) Note:
 The words 'are generated' are similar in its meaning to the words 'are created' but not exactly.  (Created out of nothing with influence from environment)
7) Everything that is generated affects his environment and perhaps the entire ancient space

8) The things that are generated have wild definitions that are much different in everything a new formation because the nature before the creation of our universe by God had almost no definitions.
9)the Nature that preceded our nature is associated with an infinite space which is our space but possesses other natural laws. This is a natural assumption. But there is no telling if our natural laws are exists in all of space .That is, if our space is also infinite.

10) An event of life is a very rare event, even though God was very simple
In his generating because a very simple but living thing is very complicated. That includes for example a very, very simple life desire.
11) Since the ancient space is infinite and the time that has passed is almost infinite in terms of human beings the probability of a spontaneity generating of God is exist. but nevertheless this is a very small probability and therefore  other gods was not created , and it is clear that there is no chance of further  generated of gods in a near or medium   period.

12) God is generated out of a combination of small things that spontaneously generated and disappear within a certain place within the ancient nature which preceded our universe. And since anything that occurs or disappears affects his environment both in his generate and also in his disappearance, God generated so that he does not consume in our terms for eating and drinking and disposing of waste. That God was generated on the principle of the generating and disappearance of small things spontaneously.

13) After God was generated, he developed himself to be smart and talented  And clever and intelligent and with very good morals. He developed himself so that he was always one and only one.
He could not create our own universe and plan animals like a person who knows how to distinguish between good and evil already relatively well .And moral, without being moral, good and wise and intelligent and clever
14) After he developed himself to be very good in everything and at the time he has not yet created our universe he is exploring and examining the entire infinite space by creating a special process to see whether there are entities like him in the ancient space or even very simple ones in the early stages of their generating. And this is what he did to find a society and not to be lonely and also out of curiosity. In the ancient space there were no laws of our nature and therefore it was not limited in its ability to explore and examine the space. And even today he explores and examines the entire space despite our natural laws because is fundamentally different from all that He created.
15) God does not found another entity because the event of creating a life is very, very rare. And I already write in another place some reasons for the fact that there is only one God.

16)  The nature that precedes our universe is very dangerous because the spontaneous generating of wild things generates things that have different definitions each time, and everything that emerges or disappears affects his environment and perhaps also all the space

17) Since the   nature that predates our nature is very dangerous, God has disabled the spontaneity generating everywhere in the ancient space except in itself. Or he restricted it greatly and therefore there is no other god and will never be.
18) Neutralization of the spontaneous generating of all space is very important in its introduction to the creation of our universe. As well that those who come up with wild definitions can destroy it completely. So any research in the fundamentals of the universe is very dangerous
In the study of the Big Bang may be errors in hypotheses, 
 So one may destroy what God created to neutralize
The spontaneous    generating of things  And such a wild thing that generated spontaneously and even a small can instantly destroy an entire continent and make a huge hole on Earth while emitting tremendous energy. Or the absorption of huge energy that meant the disappearance of a huge mass. And thus destroy the whole earth.
19) God created our universe so that He could enjoy it and see and act upon it. But no creature sees or feels God because it is fundamentally different from everything he created and did.
Therefore, the spontaneities that make up him, after he has completed himself, are balanced and measured and not wild in their definitions.

After God had finished all his work in the previous nature which was before our universe, God created a well-designed process that created the Big Bang from which all the matter in the universe has been spread and has been naturally organized into atoms and stars and galaxies and planets.

And after the organization of the material .that the Big Bang process has progressed and stabilized for a long time God has made the material of all life and man as a whole, in an evolutionary process from a simple animal like a bacterium to a human being. And I do not think deliberately how God made the first single-cell: The first bacterium because man is too violent at the moment in wars and doing very big and dangerous nonsense in biological engineering.
 Proof of the existence of God by the fact of life
Since it is very difficult to create organic matter from simple minerals, In fact, the most ingenious scientists did not succeed to do this for decades in the laboratory and with a great effort of thought it is clear that God also did the first cell.
It is not done in a spontaneous process, but rather, it is done in a certain process by God and under His supervision. And this is another proof to the existence of God. (Because only something that relatively easy to do can be done spontaneously in a time of the age of the universe .And creating a life is very complicated)
In other words
Organic matter is not created from simple minerals in nature but only from living organisms. Some scientists think that life   made of organic materials. But they fail to create organic materials. Organic matter is not simply created in nature and therefore it is not spontaneously created in nature from natural minerals. And therefore there is one who created it. And it is God in creating the very simple first life such as a single living cell. Like a bacterium or more simple than that.

Order is a testament to the existence of God

The order, method, complexity and organizational complexity
Are testifying to the existence of God
When one sees them in man's actions
And the instruments he did
Immediately we know that living creature made them.
When you see them in nature
Along with the size intensity
 We know God created them.
I'm not the first to realize that-
Already predecessors have caught that.
So I knew and knew that God exist.
And   If you will ask that at the beginning of life there is order and organization.
so how was God created spontaneously?
God was very simple at the beginning
And he was very small.
And almost endless time passed
In terms of man and the cosmos
In infinite space
Of total disorder
Of spontaneous generating
Of random little things
With wild definitions
Which for a moment they exist and after that they were gone 
Until he was spontaneously created and became into one God
From the relationships between the random things
And from that moment on God exists
There is no other God
He Is the master of all the universe.
And God developed himself
For he is alive
To be a powerful and perfect

The long existence of the vast universe Its Energy, mass And its sheer size is testimony to the existence of God

The age of the universe from the beginning of the Big Bang is about fourteen billion years. This is a very long time. The man who lived in his flesh for a hundred and twenty years could not grasp it in his senses well. His senses do not grasp such great numbers. The energy of the universe is also enormous. It is determined by the massive mass of all stars and galaxies moving at tremendous speed and the energy of matter itself. Therefore, the vast energy of the universe is a testament to the existence of God. The size of the universe is also enormous. In the fourteen billion years that it exists, it has spread to great distances and if you fear that it will shrink back and disappear - do not worry!  God will stabilize the universe and the stars and galaxies will move around each other at great distances. Perhaps in fluctuation of expansion and Contraction of the universe, the vastness of the universe is a testament to the existence of God. The arrangement of the complex method and organization of matter and stars is also evidence of the existence of God.
The universe is not a random little thing with wild definitions that exist for a moment and disappear.
And if you imagine that everything is small against the size of space in which the universe is infinite. They are bombastic and demagogic words of atheists who suffer from a belief disorder of perception of what is reasonable and what is unlikely. And do not perceive nature correctly maybe for emotional reasons, Research and scientific theories. And the mathematical formulas that describe them stem from the grasp of the nature of the scientist. When it correct the formula is correct.

There is a God (formulas)

Have you noticed?
Nature is organized according to formulas
Newton's formulas
Formulations of Einstein
Probabilistic formulas
Analytical formulas
Every generation and genius as its power
Laws in Physics
Laws in electricity theory
Laws in light theory and optics
Laws in all the science
And learn from it about the genius of God
 Learn from this that there is a God who creates and plans nature
And even the chaos in it
Learn and internalize the miracle of creation.
The basic organization and order in nature is what allows scientists to find formulas that describe nature.
Note: Chaos - Chaos Theory - disorder Theory - Branch in Physics
What proceeding - God to ancient nature or ancient nature to God?

I already explained that all of our nature - God precedes him because God created him.
That is, God precedes light, atoms, electrons, stars, galaxies and all our other material and phenomena.
But in the hypothesis - "how is there is a God?" I argued that God was generated spontaneously from the ancient nature in which there was a phenomenon of spontaneous generating of usually small and random things that were created and disappeared. The question arises whether God preceded and created the ancient nature. The answer is simple. If we assume that God precede the ancient nature, the question is how is it that there is a God? So let us suppose that God has a preliminary stage in which God was initially in a state of generating random, spontaneous and random things. Infinite in size as described in ancient nature. And then after an infinite time in terms of man he moved into a state of very simple living out of being spontaneously created from the combination of transient things and their disappearance. In a certain place it is small and this life he improves
 Until it becomes complete and perfect. And then created our nature by creating a process in which the universe was created.
Ostensibly this argument is only a verbal disagreement. But in essence these are the same phenomena and actions that were made - see a hypothesis, "How is there a God?" So I assumed that ancient nature precedes God, which is a much more natural assumption that prevents wrong thoughts that drive idolatry.
This hypothesis and any other hypothesis will always be only a hypothesis and never become a theory or a method
Because research on this matter will never succeed and is very dangerous, as I explained. And every accurate hypothesis leads to mad studies while there is a delusion that they are confident.

Only God knows Himself and therefore there are questions that they do not have an answer.


I have not yet decided whether this section will be in the final version
Or just a warning not to write or talk about hypotheses on this subject. This was not generally accepted without illustrating the dangers of a less dangerous hypothesis because it is only qualitative.

How is it that there is a God?

Later on I will prove that there is a God and I bring arguments that there is only one God .But a hypothesis that explains why God Exist I will not write and I will not explain because studies on this field are liable to destroy the world from indirect scientific knowledge that has been discovered with feverish research. And direct research. Although God is not made of ground and its elements, and this includes light (photons), electrons, neutrons, fields, strings if there are string is and so on.
Experiments and studies on this subject could also destroy the universe.
=============================================== ========
=============================================== ========

Studies on the creation of the Big Bang material are prohibited

 On the material is also forbidden to know everything.
Knowledge about this may be dangerous and destroy the world. And the experiments and studies themselves may destroy the world - let alone the cause of the Big Bang - although God has defended the possibility of finding out these things in my opinion - even in the way they were made and expressed in nature - so that they never will be revealed.

Black holes and playing with fire

 Studies that may create black holes if randomly or deliberately are very dangerous because a black hole and even tiny attracts all the surrounding mass and other black holes around him because the process that creates black holes usually creates a certain amount of black holes and not just one black hole. And they are not usually formed the same size and may be much larger holes and the mass of the black hole is growing and therefore attracts even more mass from the environment and includes additional black holes that could turn the whole planet into one black hole
On the other hand, scientific theories are never accurate, especially in extreme conditions that have not yet been studied.
A straight line in plane geometry is represented by an ideal line that has no thickness at all. And everyone knows that a real line drowned with a pencil has thickness and therefore there is a certain error between theory and practice which is sufficient in many practical cases.
Triangles on the plane are quite good for practical use in science, when they are small. But when they are great they are not good because the Earth is a sphere and not as plain as they thought the geometry of the plain was written in the days of Greece. (Extreme condition of a very large triangle)
So Newton's laws in physics are not true at high speeds when mass increases. And in Newton's days they did not know that under extreme conditions of speed the laws were not correct. And also in experiments at low speed the results are not exactly accurate by the laws and there is always a scattering (usually close) of the results around his theory  As an ideal line is not a physical straight line drawn for example in pencil. And by the influence of environmental conditions that are not always taken into account in the experiment.
This is also true of experiments that may produce holes, such as experiments around the Big Bang.
And I could not easily believe to the words of calming as such tiny black holes were already formed if I heard them because physicists with lead and Arsenic teeth and mercury and antinomies or other environmental pollution problems are ill-advised and crazy to test all their theories and for that they need huge budgets. And lack of public criticism
Studies in the big bang are under extreme conditions and it is likely that some theories will not work.
And the inaccuracy of the results will increase due to the influence of the environment and laboratory instruments are not tested in extreme conditions.
Games in Black Hole (and other studies dealing with the fundamentals of nature or matter) are playing with fire. Just as a small child plays in a matchbox, the first match does not light up the house, but the second or third matches can cause a fire.
The world before destruction

The world is very dangerous
Soon it could be destroyed.
Scientists studies stupidly
The foundations of the universe
Trying to verify string theory
And explore the Big Bang.
All are only hypotheses 
And everything is very dangerous.
Nothing real is actually known.
And in Europe, the studies are being carried out
And Europe will be destroyed
It is a Very large destruction.
And the earth will be shocked
And there will be a huge hole in it
Instead of the rich Europe
And peaceful residents would fade away
These hypotheses must not be investigated.
And great disasters all over the world will be
Because the bark of the earth will be shaken
The ocean water goes into the hole
And a hot trend would make them boiling
With a tremendous movement into the huge hole
Winds and floods and other severe forms
And I do not know if one person will survive.
Because all plants will die and food will not be.
The difference between materials and not materials

The material is made in physical settings by God who has defined it well. Example: dust, atoms, light, earth, water fields, ground energy, strings to the extent that there is and more...
The not material is not made in any physical settings and we know nothing about it, its essence is not known.

Evolution is a shared process. Some of it is completely natural without any interference from God. Every animal can change itself throughout its generations according to the environment or internal desires in order to enable it to survive in environmental conditions that change constantly. And some is done by God when he wants to set a direction in evolution or develop a system that is difficult to develop naturally, and then there is usually an evolutionary leap.
Evolution is also planned in its principles by God. And it is the reason for the time that has passed since we were very simple, single-celled animals, until we became human beings, simply evolutionary processes take a long time. And examining and modifying the evolutionary mechanism takes even longer.
Right and wrong

Evil exists in the world for two reasons:
1. Difficult environment
2. Providing survival for every animal and animal
When animals are in existential danger because of lack of plant food some of them eat other animals which allow them to survive and this explains why humans have become meat eaters. But when the conditions are good, the animals became good back. This explains why people with organized agriculture began to go back to vegetarianism. Good, abundant and cheap vegetable food is the cause, except for factors in the personality structure of the human being.
And I think that God prefers to make evolutionary jumps only in good people.
And when a person becomes fundamentally bad in God's eyes he removes the providence upon him.

The danger of choosing evil through the generations

The danger of choosing evil through the generations is the degeneration of the creature and its evolutionary adaptation to be bad, until it is difficult for him to become good back because his abilities to be good have degenerated from lack of use.
God did not make venomous teeth to the snake to hunt mice
And God did not make to the spider the ability to build traps to hunt insects and venom to kill them.
The spider and the snake did it themselves evolutionally and became evil in their own structure and bodies. But that does not mean that it is permissible to abuse them and exterminate them.
The person is all dust from land

Man (and any other creature) is made of dust only, and what is called soul or  spirit is made entirely of dust, only that important part is built so that it is completely resistant and cannot be revealed by beings that sages, intelligent and powerful as human beings. In order to not to torture creatures in their souls, and God controls humans and all other creatures out of his ability to control the dust on its particles and phenomena.
And if God raised in his heart that the soul must be hidden more, He was made the soul from another dust (dust that is not from the foundations of the earth and the universe)
Soul and spirit express one thing in my secular outlook, and there is no difference between them.
In general, dust are   also particles of atoms and light (photons) and fields, and so on.

I'm a loyal Jew

God I wanted you to know
That I was a loyal Jew
And so I believe in you
And not in dust and not in   human being

So no man is God
Nor any soul is God.
So no man is God
Nor any   spirit is God.
So no man is God
Nor any soul is God.
So no man is God.

And atheism is a shame, God
That the man is not a supreme being
A man must believe in you
And they're just ignorant
Although they are the closest to the secular
That they are not idolaters and their followers

And God is wise and clever
And God is strong and merciful
Even before all life is life
Even before each soul
Before any spirit
And before all the dust from earth

And light, land and water
And the sun, the moon, and the stars
And electron, atoms and their particles
 There are Dust and its elements.

God! Only you God
And there is no other God
23.7.06Noah, Noah, Noah

Noah, Noah, Noah
He was righteous in his generations.
Build a Noah's ark
Saved the rest of the living
From the flood that was.
There were only seven left
Seven from the purees
And another couple from the others
And sin is convenient and sacrificed from the pure
He killed and burned in his madness innocent animals.
And God wanted to destroy it
But he said that man's inclination is bad from his youth
And gave the rainbow in a sign
That he would not destroy all life and man again.
And he went to the long hard work
Correct the nature of all living and living and man.

According to a Babylonian Jewish legend recorded in the Torah. And this is only a legend and not a real story


The tsunami, earthquakes and ice ages show us that natural disasters must be prepared and prevented. For example, to prevent global warming and defrosting in glaciers at the poles, pressure of the glaciers on the Earth's crust and rapid changes in this pressure cause more natural disasters in addition to drought and hurricanes that are an immediate result.
And I think that God cannot stop right now, in real time every nature's disasters, when nature is out of control. 
A second option is very difficult. When a person in his culture eats animals or abuse them and becomes cannibal when there is a shortage or danger and sacrifices human or animal sacrifices or makes wars to conquer or expel, and does not help the weak of society. And not loyal to his family (No great natural disasters - honor killings or murder of widows far more severe) kills and murders and rape, kills in a death penalty or Makes physical defect as punishment - God does not prevent Natural disasters or disasters.

The culture of eating animals' causes a person to become cannibal and to violence and murder, just as the culture of sacrifices animals causes human sacrifice.

My flag

 There is no shape in my flag
In my flag the color does not matter
In my flag eight verses:
There is only one God and He is my God. He is the God of everything and I love Him very much.
God is not man and every other creature. God is not Dust. God is not a spirit or soul of live Man or dead man.
God is the Creator.
God does not seem to any sense or feeling.
 You must love all human being because they are human beings like you.
You must love the foreigner who lives in your country.
Do not eat meat: no mammals, no birds. No eggs, no blood, no fish, no insects and not mollusks. Not snails or seafood, not crabs. No crawling, no amphibians, no insects or worms
You must not eat any meat and improve your attitude toward animals. And improve your attitude toward plants

(I think that in cases of danger to life one can withdraw a little from vegetarianism or Vegetarianism - otherwise veganism and vegetarianism will not be common, and monkeys are never allowed to eat or torture in experiments and so on in every case. Do not eat or abuse in any case .a dolphin and a whale that classified as mammal because they are almost as intelligent as humans –
The dolphin has a language ---     http://www.haaretz.co.il/news/science/.premium-1.3066373
Inside a magician's hat

The rabbit lives in a hat
Inside a magician's hat
 Inside a magician's hat
a very strange world.
Inside a magician's hat
It is not pleasant to live.
The rabbit ate the hat
And quickly ran away to 'No Where'
And there he found a woman
Rabbit woman pleasant and beautiful
And there is nothing strange at 'No Where'
In 'No Where' the magician does not live.

Eight of the Big Mistakes of Israel's State

1) Not to dismantle the atomic weapon by calling for the regional disarmament of this weapon.
The weapon endangers the State of Israel because of problems that may occur in bombs and in nuclear reactors.
The State of Israel is very small and every mishap is very dangerous.
 Its use in war by the State of Israel could lead to Israel's destruction by nuclear weapons by other countries at    middle time and at middle medium time because it is considered very immoral and causes almost the Holocaust on the other side. Atomic weapons did not prevent the Six Day War or the Yom Kippur War.
In which the State of Israel was saved by a miraculous miracle.
2)  Not to treat  in good natural dentistry  all citizens of the country because currently in used in medicine metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, copper, Cadmium and aluminum. The metals are mainly used in the root and amalgam fillings and the amalgam structure. But toxic metals such as cobalt, copper and nickel are also used in other dental uses such as bridges and crowns.
Preventive dentistry should also be learned through education to prevent eating sugar and processed foods And Proper dental brushing and dental flossing should be learned because any dental treatment and even natural in my opinion is somewhat harmful.
All patients who have suffered from the use of bad dental medicine, which is currently practiced in Israel, should be treated
By appropriate natural dentistry and other necessary treatments such as cleaning the metal poisons.
3. Not to make peace with the Palestinians or to withdraw unilaterally from territories in the West Bank and to recognize such a state.
4) Not to correct the Israeli diet for a true organic diet and not to introduce toxins as new spray materials for organic farming and not to introduce organic clothing and ecological cleaning agents.
5) Not to do Bible study in strict biblical criticism for all Jews.
The Bible without A strict Bible Criticism is a very harmful book that educates to exterminate peoples. And murder or divorce based on the belief of group of people (a remote city)
6) Not to accept Jews that their mother or grandmother is not Jewish as Jews. They are Jews in every way because they choose to come to the State of Israel in order to join their people in their land
7) Old age pensions and disability   and unemployment allowance at ages that are difficult to find suitable work are too small. And the lack of sufficient paid workplaces for an uneducated population or that has not attained a matriculation certificate .This is 70 percent of the population, the population between the ages of 50 and 45 the age of retirement is in trouble. This is the age of dismissal from the workplace and is often very difficult to find work. This leads to a high level of crime (mainly theft) and crime in general
8) Not to educate to democracy in all its aspects, including minority rights and the separation of powers (judges, legislators, executors) in all genders, and to provide high-level scientific education in order to remove ignorance,   and superstition.  So the population will have the ability to work and the ability to earn an independent livelihood. And not to be a culture of hard ignorance and lack of work for ideological reasons
On the beach

On the beach
  In Mediterranean
A beautiful flower grows.
He has Find a corner
Good, wet
Full of light and shadow.

He looks at the water
On the Great Sea
Full of life
Jellyfishes, Octopus and reptiles
And beautiful water plants

And overseas
Distant countries
In them flowers
Trees and shrubs

But it is good for him in his country
That is his land that he will live in it
This is his land
This is his homeland.

Plants are living things

The plants feel they are being chewed
It was not for nothing that the thorn was growing.
The plants feel when they are touched
Not in vain 'do not touch me' moves its branches
And we the humans are miserable that we have no other food.
And we cannot live
On the fruits of the tree only,
Eat the flesh of the fruit
And throw the seeds
 For their fate on earth:
Sprout, bloom and grow.
 (Dedicated to vegans    that eat almost only fruit .Type of vegans that try to approach this ideal)



There is only one God
And he is my Lord, the God of all
And I love him very much
God is not light and light is not God
Man is made of dust only and God is not dust at all
We must help the weak of society both personally and by the public and the state and society as a whole.

Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one

I am waiting for the Jews to return to using all the names of God in their natural way
The curse of rabbis even though they are idolaters is very difficult because of their great authority in the eyes of the public even though they do not mention any of the names of God.
And the names of God became idolatry for some of the public.

 The names of God
'אל שדי'
El Shady or Shady mentions a field (Shade in Hebrew) in which plants grow. And the breast (Shad in Hebrew) of a woman yielding milk
The meaning is therefore the supervision of fertility and the hereditary cultivation of all animals and plants and man.
And this name is somewhat idolatrous that mentions the false idea of ​​the demons (Shedim in Hebrew))
And therefore testifies to changes in the Torah and to the difficult problem of the Book of Job in the image of Satan
And the sages interpreted it differently because of this, for example, 'it is enough for itself' (Shedai lo BeAchmo in Hebrew) and I prefer not to use this name at all.
And in the Kabala (mysticism) they were wrong about this. God is not weak and simple. And He does not directly create all souls / spirit.
And in truth, in my opinion, God has no sexual organs, neither male nor female.As a person has. Because he has no body and has no body image
And he does not create another God. But God has a "limb" for the birth of souls /spirit within the framework of "His hands" and I will write in details elsewhere.
"El" - comes from a leading force in nature. I will demonstrate this by simple use of this name in a simple sentence
He went to the spring. (Ho Halach El HamaAyn in Hebrew)
 (Power is not a physical force, but it is a metaphor)
'יהוה My Lord
Since Hebrew has changed in the expression of the letters of the vowelization, and this is attested by the Yemenite tradition as opposed to the Sephardic or Ashkenazi tradition, none of the names of God can be said as in ancient times. And it is impossible therefore to say the name 'יהוה' as the name of God. Even if you want to. Arabic has also changed and attests to it another Semitic language is Moabite written in words similar to Hebrew so it is likely that ancient Arabic was also similar to Hebrew and Moabite.
And therefore it is impossible to learn from it on the name of God and so with other Semitic languages because human nature is to change language over the generations.
  (There are also consonants that have been changed, for example, Shabesh in Ashkenazi tradition and Shabbat in Sephardic tradition)
And since there was no prophecy that name that is name from a prophet is false. But it certainly has meaning and the closest is that God will do miracles by re-creation
And there is another misleading meaning of the creation is   something that is part of Him -this is a false meaning regarding the making of creatures, the creation of the earth and the like, but is in a language influenced from idol worship. There is also a meaning of our sages to do real miracles not by knowing in advance. I suppose they also opposed the name of the Lord and especially that he became human idol worship 
 This name will be in use when the people stop to believe that the Bible is given from God, and that this name creates miracles, and even then there is still a serious problem in a language that cannot be easily solved as if he is part of creation. - People need to automatically grasp in a language that this does not exist for the Creator. This is a difficult idolatry practiced today (Kabala)
The true meaning of his name is that God will create things out of the nature and not from himself, and he is not part of the creation that will be created.
And only after solving all the difficult problems will there be only philosophical use in the name of the Lord
  And the use of the name in the spoken language as a verb in the future will correct the language when the superstitions about God and his creation will not be
God - a wise interpretation of the name is that God can act simultaneously on a vast number of creatures at once and know all their thoughts and control them and all that only when He wants. Otherwise the creatures will be completely independent
Or deity in general is both false and true. In English false God is  ' gods'
The abbreviation of the name of the Lord God - I prefer the use of it to the use of the letter "D" (ד)  This is the beginning of the name of King David which is human idol worship.
And for the sayings
"Baruch Hashem" There is no problem of faith
But I, as a secular Jew, do not say so but only by mistake

'With the help of the name ' there is a problem of faith - because it speaks in its meaning of psychological help only of using the name of God rather than God's help. This is bad because mistakenly refers to the Lord's name as the ability to try or use it in witchcraft
All this is explained by the psychological effects of faith alone and not from God.
And I again without reference to what I wrote because I understand the non-psychological intention and I do not pay attention to the wrong meaning. But I do not use the term because I am secular, but rather by mistake.
All the names of God in human culture today are the names of philosophers and the thought of God is philosophical - human thought. Because there was no revelation of God in which he told of himself and said his name. This is also the opinion of the Sages of the Mishna and the Talmud who knew that the Torah and the other books of the Bible were forged by priests and kings who insulted one another and write benefits for themselves.
In the ancient countries of the east

In the ancient countries of the east-India China countries today was according to the Bible, a good faith in God in the distant past and good behavior.
The Lord come to the east (verse from the Bible ) that say that the people of the early east were good and believed in one good God  and them God  came and cultivated another area - our region - where the culture was still evil.
Until Today the names of the gods of China- The two cosmic energies Yin and Yang mention the name of the God in some of their letters as evidence of the past belief of the Chinese in The Lord - in a good God.
 The idolatrous belief of China is that, according to the Tao (way) two energies were created, one is negative (Yin) and one is positive (Yang).  From the negative energy the demons were created and from the positive energy were created the gods.
 They believe in their mistake that these two imagined energies assemble the man and the other creatures. On this basis the Chinese stubbornly created the traditional Chinese medicine. And so they religiously explain all the nature by these two energies. So they mistakenly imagined that the sun is a source of positive energy - Yang. And the moon is a source of negative energy - Yin.
It is no problem to the Chinese to once again believe in one good God and to correct their philosophy and interpret their traditional Chinese medicine on solid and unquestioned foundations.
There are no demons at all and therefore negative energy 'Yin' does not exist at all. The moon is just earth and stone, and the sun is hydrogen that burns with atomic combustion and is not a source of positive cosmic energy 'Yang'
I expect and hope that the Chinese will correct their faith and traditional medicine. And their days will be good as old as they were according to the Bible
In general, the question arises whether the name of God - the Lord - was an ancient name in many cultures in the past, for example the name of the Greek state Greece also mentions the name of God (Yavan in Hebrew). And also the name of the island of Java - JAVA - mentions the name of God. The name of the Roman second great god of the is Ya. Like one of the names of God.

And to the Indians- the Indians believe in one God that creating everything - but also in many idols. It seems to me that the process that came from the idolatry of angels they have come to idolatry in general. And make their idols statues and work them. I hope that the Indians will also renew their days as before as in the Bible and believe again in one God.
And in both the Chinese and the Indian cultures there remained as many good examples .In Indian   they have lot of vegetarians and so are their religion. And many Chinese do not eat milk and dairy products and few eat meat, these come from their traditional medical belief.

There has never been even a single true prophet. So there is not a single religion of truth.
Religion is commandments, and customs that human beings supposedly have to observe as if God had commanded them.
But religion, custom, morality, and education can be created based on the words of the sages and good thinkers who believe in God.

But God controls, when he wants to, each and every one of the creatures.
(Including control, when he wishes, each and every person)

there is a God

In my opinion
God was once very simple
Many billions of years ago
And he developed himself
To something that is complex and very wise
For very many years
And he developed himself so that he was always one
Because there is only one God,
There is no other force majeure.
And God is wise and clever
He was clever and had excellent feelings
Even before he created the land
And he made every living thing out of the land.
And God is non-material
There is no material God.
And that we know
Because the earth was created by him
And also the sun and moon and stars
All the materials including light

From the dust of the earth God made all the living.
And life is very complex and wise
Man knows to distinguish between good and evil.
And there was no   soul or spirit
Before God created the earth
Before he made the living from the dust of the earth
And he needs a great wisdom
And to have very good feelings
 To Plan and do all this.
Soul and spirit are not God
One can immediately grasp that soul and spirit are not God
Because God will never do anything that might in an evolutionary process go mad and become stronger like God and rebel against him too.
A small laboratory mouse

A small laboratory mouse
  Escaped from the lab
Followed by the bully

In the tree the poor was hid,
And the bully raised his whip
Where is the offender?
And the mouse bowed his head
And  to God prayed in his heart.

And if you wanted to know
If only mice are involved
After all, people you will find 
Behind them pursuer the bully (*)

(*) Dr. Mengele in the Holocaust and his experiments on the Jews and the bully
The worst people have the best ideals
Why-camouflage, publicity, justification

Look in the mirror!  Idealist  

Look in the mirror!  Idealist  
Good ideals- huh.
So why do you do a horror
Crimes against humanity

The worst people
Have the best ideals
Camouflage, advertising, and justification
Mothers of all evil

Follow, follow, and follow
Power, Power and Power
They are mothers of all evil. 
And the pursuit of respect is their brother.

Many present beautiful faces

Many present beautiful faces
And they say we're good.
And we want, we want to believe.
But bad, bad and bad
Get out of here

A cat walks in a field
He does not know where he will go.
If right to left 
If left to right.
His gaze is shaken, frightened
His body wavering, trembling
He is not looking at the flowers
All their colors are far from his eyes.
 He just walking in the field
Until he found a response
Get out of here torturer.
I'm a dust

I'm a dust:
My body is dust
My soul is dust
My spirit is dust
My Blood is dust
And I have no existence but with my body
Because I was made from dust in all of my parts
And I hope that God will forgive me
And I hope that God will have mercy on me
And I hope that God will heal me
And I hope that God will protect me
And I will alive.
Resurrection in the Garden of Eden

And even the soul is destroyed
God knows everything
God remembers everything.
Know all creatures
From small to large
All of their thoughts, all they do.
And when the person dies
And he is righteous and good in his eyes
 To Paradise goes to this good man
And even he was dead in all the meaning. God forbid
Leaving only dead dust
God can restore it.
Because God remembers and records every person
 To restore and to revive it
To make him resurrection
Resurrection of the dead in Paradise 
And paradise is here
Earthly and non-spiritual heavenly,
He is in   the Planet earth.
In which he is a soul without body and flesh.
Or reincarnation of his soul
And if you will it is no dream
Just do not teach your hand to evil.
Note: Of course there is a possibility that there will be a resurrection of the dead for the righteous in the days when the earth will be like paradise for good.
Or when God will want to prove that Paradise is exist.
To the grave and not to burn

In ancient times
We buried the dead in the grave
Give to the nature
To do his way
And no one harmed a dead person.
It is the dignity of the dead.
Then the Medicine has progressed
And many dead we saved
 By Various means of resuscitation
And the dead- their flesh is not dead
He's just paralyzed
 in their Walking to the grave to be buried
Hidden from a human being
And therefore it is forbidden to burn dead
Or take organs from them.
For maybe in another hundred years
It turned out that in certain medical conditions
That people are being buried today
It will be possible to save their lives.
That is, ones who burns the dead
Or takes organs from them
 They are murdering actually alive.
8 October 2006
Of course it is also forbidden to take organs from these dying for transplants - it's like cannibalism.

All animals will be good
All animals were born to live
Only by the difficulties of time and nature
They become bad, a little.
And with development and time
Everyone becoming good
So is man
A great beast in animals
 Will be better than all other animals
The soul

The male soul is masculine
The woman's soul is feminine
Only a pervert will imagining different.
The soul is not shared
Every person has his or her own soul.
And so for all living and living
Everyone has his own soul.
The ones that wrong are idolaters
They do not believe in God.
But believe in a false God
Consisting of the human soul
In its most essential parts
God who does not exist in reality
God which are consisted from the human spirit or the soul of man or the human body
  Or who that is alive or who that is dead
Or any of the other creatures
From virus to animal plant and man
A son from life or from the dead
Simply does not exist in reality.
In my opinion, based on the Torah original word the soul (נפש) had a meaning of male for men and female meaning for a woman.
Similarly, a soul (נשמה) may be a concept that I think later and from the days of the First Temple in Hebrew.
The writers of the Torah did it to avoid sexual identity problems
I do not know about other ancient Semitic languages

The difference between good and evil

To feed one meat eater food
It takes thirteen Acres of land.
To feed one vegetarian
It takes less than Acres.
This is the terrible truth
The difference between war and peace
The difference between satiety and hunger
The difference between good life and a shortage
The difference between good and evil

The earth just does not live

The land is not God
The land is not even alive.
And the earth was not God's body
So is the sun, the moon and the stars and the light.
They are not the body of God
They are not even alive.
And they were never alive
They are just plain dust.
The earth just does not live
And it was never alive.
The ones who believe it are idolaters
They do not believe in God.
To create life from the dust
It has to be organized with great wisdom.
This has to be made with a lot of effort
To organize it into a form of life
And God did so with His wisdom
And this God did greatness
By doing all the living,
With them the wise and strongest man
And so we are the living
Thank God Gladly 
For the life that he created
Which he created from the dust of the earth
And the dust only
In fact, it is a belief disorder to believe that the earth or the stones or the dust and so on are alive.

Poor souls… Cruelty to animals
 They have been modified genetically to various organisms
Even if they are bacteria and simple cells
Not to mention plants and other animals.
All this commotion is not good.
 In This way man will not be cured
And so he would not find new food.
There is a ban on GMOs
Prohibition from the human soul
GMOs only used for terrorism
And shows the evil of human
 For Each one that is cured    ten have dead.
If they do not saved by God
This way the man and all living will be destroyed
When will this trouble pass from the world?
The miracle

All the spells will pass
 In one big miracle
Plants and bacteria will return to be humans
Butterflies and other insects
And stones with remains of life
 Will thank with great joy
We returned to be children.
And snakes and bugs and reptiles
 Will cry with thanks
We are babies again.
And monkeys and cats and dogs and donkeys
 Will chat again in human language
We have returned to the image of man.
And   blacks and yellows will turn white
And white to blacks and yellows
And patients will recover from terrorism in genetic diseases
And dwarves and little ones and giants will not be
Oh, their genes have been changed.

All the spells will pass in a very big miracle.
The evil of man that will pass is very big
Genetic engineering will not be
This spell will not work.

The failure of Communism in connection with dental treatment

Communist doctors in Communist Russia were well aware of the severe diseases caused by the metals used in dental care. And the medicine factories there were government. Yet they did not care for their population. And have not been educated to a diet without sugar and processed food in my opinion, out of ignorance and financial savings of the Communist authorities.
 I will mention the metals used in dental treatments. Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, cadmium, copper, cobalt, antinomy and more
Composite fillings have been in existence for at least 50 years, and the Russian population could be treated. Also, it is not clear to me what the state of water piping in Russia is for metals such as lead, copper and others. And I suspect that they saved there too
And it is clear that police and intelligence in certain units and clearly police doctors knew about many of the diseases and causes.
Without free press and free Internet and a multi-party system in which the state has no fear of a change of government, it is difficult to deal on problems in which many people are hurt, because the authorities tend to keep this a secret.
Note: Regarding Western countries, I will discuss later.
Note: It should be checked whether Russia has not received bribes from the pharmaceutical industry in the capitalist West to prevent the discovery of the dental affair and other medical nutritional affairs.

God can not cure all disease

Even when God wants 
God can not cure all disease
It is sad and painful - but it is so
And I know God can not heal me
And he would like to heal me - but he can not
And it hurts - but it is so
But to relieve my illness he can and he does it
And I will be satisfied with that, but there is still hope.
Perhaps in the future God will find
A way to heal my illness
Note: In the past I was not good because I was too right politically- and so I had dental problems and  due to trauma at the far past I got sick . All against the background of the great sin of genetic engineering that they did to me and I blamed myself for it.
The reason why God can not cure all the diseases is that the systems in a person in whom God controls and heals Him are not yet perfect. But any disease and disease can be increased its chances of healing by about thirty percent by encouraging the person to heal himself, and this can be done by God willingly.
And God can always help heal man in ways of control. As if to refer him to a good doctor, secretly help the doctor in diagnosis. Help the patient secretly with good advice Such as appropriate food. And so forth.

And today the doctors say that I have a chance to recover

God protects me

God keeps me-that's my belief
 He Send angels to help me
To heal me from my illness
And the day shall come, and it shall be better
And so will many patients
Yes, there is a God in heaven and earth
Helps the sick, the elderly and the oppressed
Hear O Israel, O Lord your God, the Lord is one
That's how miracles become true.
I will keep this song for the day of my recovery

God I thank you.
 You saved my life and my soul
And to you, the thanks of my spirit
Astrology is a belief disorder

Spacecraft flies into space
Came to the moon
And stone brought from there
Man also landed on the moon
And walked on it and saw that it is a dust.
And since then has been proven to every sane person
That the stars are made of dust
And the sun is burning hydrogen
That turns into a hot helium
With intense atomic combustion
And the planets are stone and dust
Which send back the sunlight?
And all the shining stars
Including those called zodiac,
They are like our sun made of burning hydrogen.
So why would you believe in astrology?
And gave a faith disorder
To tilt your heart
Stone and dust are not alive
And hydrogen is a regular gas, a component of seawater
Neither it nor Helium is alive
And fate they will not be determined.
Yes, belief in astrology is a mental disorder
Disorder of belief only

Remember this

Everything  is in front of the eyes of God
Good, evil, ugly
God does not ignore the cry of a cripple
God does not ignore the cry of an old man
God does not remain silent for a poor cry
Remember this
There is nothing new under the sun
The end of evil will come.
God reveals the metal affair with the teeth
God reveals the bad sugar affair
Soft drinks and other foods that harm teeth
God reveals the unhealthy food affair.from animals
God reveals the story of the harmful spraying of agriculture
God fights against  junk food and benefits man.
God fights for the poor and the sick.

And we'll all be good

I believe in Paradise
Because I believe in God's goodness
That the good people who believe in him
Do not die in fact-
But are resurrected in the Garden of Eden
Where life is ideal and good.
And our planet, Earth
We can become a Paradise of ground
If only we are all good
And we will all believe in God
And we'll just be good.


After death the human soul is without the body - and so it is in heaven

Dreams and prophecy

One that says God says to me in a dream
He's a dangerous crazy nut or a liar
One who coach himself  for dream from God
He's a crazy crazy nut
Because dreams are a human phenomenon
And God does not really appear in dreams of prophecy to the world.

Dangerous lunatics and liars sometimes claim that they have heard the voices of God's vision, or have felt the spirit of God, or have seen visions of God. Or felt that their thoughts were holy thoughts of God's vision or that they had written books from God
The reason is that God never appears in the ways of madness
And so there are no prophets and there have never been - there are only lunatics or liars

Even attributing a book to God is madness and madness or a lie for the purposes of power and power that causes a distraction
And these books are very dangerous because they preach war, killing, genocide, deportation of nation or minorities of part of the the population many times.
And a man whom God or an angel helps to write a book should be vigorously denied  it because the book will be forged and will serve for the Madness of the people in the great name of God.

And know that God makes many visible and hidden miracles for the handicapped, the elderly, the poor, the sick, and other oppressors to heal them and strengthen their spirits and help them. But they are not prophets - they do not say: Thus said the Lord to the public.

There are, of course, many other superstitions that I will mention briefly:
Belief in demons, belief in dybbuks, faith in Satan. The faith of the evil eye. Belief in a bad God. Faith in more than one God, atheism (lack of faith in God) telepathy, numerology, astrology. Gematria. Talismans. Tombs of the righteous,  sittra achra and so on.

All superstitions are expressions of faith disorders (sometimes also ignorance or cultural ignorance that cause faith disorders)


Legends show Kings
Legends also have princes and princesses
And good and strong queens
Evidence of tales from ancient times
Are presented in charming stories.
But in reality it is a bad rule
Full of bloodshed and intimidation
The more tyrannical and bad rule of man
In which there is a single ruler
Who does whatever his heart desires.

The preferred rule is democratic, with a division into three judicial branches. Legislative and executive. Which includes freedom of speech and free press and individual rights (for example, the human right to privacy) and the rights of minorities and government. A prime minister brings decisions to the ministers' vote (to prevent decisions of one man)
And other elements as the structure of the state in the modern state.

A king by nature is to    kill every man of justice who has influence over the people.
Therefore, Messiah is a bad thing - and every Messiah is a false Messiah.
For only God will rule over us, the people of Israel.

Even a representative (constitutional) monarchy within a democratic regime is very dangerous  for the Jewish people and even a representative presidency with no time limit is very dangerous, let alone a US-style presidency. Because this very quickly will spill over into the messiah, messiah, crazy Messiah and  non-Jewish . murder.. conversion to idolatry and many wars of conquest and terror and death and flogging.
  Note: A large part of the right in Israel aspires to a halakhic religious rule that is not democratic and therefore the regime in Israel is unstable
The Sages of the Mishna opposed the monarchy and therefore raised the will for the Messiah against the monarchy that was in their day.
Therefore they raised a figure that can not be tbecause there is no trace of the house of David. Because they did not want a king or a queen.
But they could not go against the monarchy openly because the kings in their days would kill them.
But the dangers of Messiah  are big - and every Messiah is a false Messiah - this is a historical lesson. And so I object to the idea of Messiah. And to the monarchy in general

Totalitarian rule

Totalitarian rule is the father of evil
Only fear terrifying
And tens of thousands of atrocities.

Only a small minority would like it
In the rule of a man without borders
For the people will not desire
To give the tyrant what he would demand.


They pretend

They pretend to be good
They pretend to be good
But bad, bad

They say faith. faith
They say our religion is good
But bad, bad

They say an ideal, an ideal
We espouse the ideal
But bad, bad, bad

They say supreme, supreme
They say we are supreme
But bad, bad

A number of reasons that show that there is only one God

1) If there was only one other God, he had a great interest, that there exists a wise, intelligent and intelligent creature like him - but there is no such being and therefore he created the earth and from the soil of the earth made all living beings and Passed  billions of years until the appearance creature with Signs of intelligence and this is the person. And man is still very lacking in wisdom, in memory. Cleverly. and good feelings and good deeds.
(It shows that  to make  a wise and good and durable creature  is very difficult)
(He did the angels before he made the man)

2) Everything that humans have thought of God in the past is seen today as scientific knowledge progresses that it is not God. Except for one non-material God.
The sun is a hydrogen that burning in a nuclear fire and becomes helium and is not alive. The moon is a mass of land and rocks that brings back the light of the sun and therefore shines and is not alive. The stars are distant suns and are made from hydrogen that burning in nuclear fire and becomes helium. Like our sun. And of course they do not live. Our earth and other planets are made of land and rocks and water and other minerals. And of course they do not even live.
The blue sky is not made of water, as our ancient wise men thought, and called them "shamaim" "water" (they wrote in their fairy tales), but they receive their blue color from the breakage of sunlight in the atmosphere and not from above water.
 All animals have very limited strength: plants, animals, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and humans are very weak. And are made of land only. The causes of serious diseases have been discovered as viruses, bacteria, fungi and various toxins that penetrate through the food and respiratory tract or skin (environmental pollution) and genetic diseases.
It turns out that everything we thought in the past to God or a higher power is not God and only faith in a non-material God remains.
3) There is one style: both the creation of the material (the earth). It iscreated so that it is not living and the creation of living material from a single cell to a human that shows that is one creator.

The style in the creation of matter is the creation of a process that creates a large amount of material that spreads in the universe (the big bang) and the material itself is mechanically organized into atoms and atoms of different particles that are identical in atoms of different materials and differ only in their number. The atoms are once again mechanically organized into molecules and bound by chemical bonds by sharing electrons, for example, creating all the various materials we encounter, and the light is material.
Forming stars that are hydrogen burning with nuclear combustion and turning helium and helium into heavier elements at every stage of nuclear combustion. Iron-to-iron (a note to create heavy than iron elements there has a theory of star collision)
And were created from the organization of material in the big bang Sun and Moon and other stars.
And God only monitors the process and intervenes only with the need. For example, to prevent the collapse of all matter back to one point where gravity would overcome the movement of galaxies in the Big Bang

The style in the creation of the animal is the creation of a single cell (that I deliberately do not think how it was created, because I do not think it is good to develop biological knowledge anymore than it already has because of the dangers of biological warfare and biological engineering that are very large and dangerous). The cell can adapt to the environment by changing its components in order to enable it to survive. At the same time, the cell changes and creates different animals because it organizes into groups of cells that work together. And the animals also change in their cells by adapting to the changing environment and gradually creating other animals.
God only intervenes in the natural process when, for example, he wants to develop a system that can not develop naturally because of its complexity or revolution. Or to correct the evolutionary method.

The organic chemical compound is not naturally created , but rather it is created in nature by animals only. To this day, despite great efforts, the researchers have not succeeded in creating it from minerals alone.
4) There is no proof of any other gods  - and only there is a proof that there is  one God
5) The event of creating life from ancient nature is very, very rare and therefore naturally created only one god and he is already neutralized the spontaneous and spontaneous emergence. Because it is dangerous for everyone. - See the hypothesis - "How is it that there is a God"

A brain-to-computer  integration is forbidden

It is possible, in principle, to make a person on computer- a sophisticated robot computer - but it is forbidden to do so because the creature is overcome humanity And will also occupy jobs of human beings.

And brain integration between humans and computers is also forbidden because it has changed man over the generations in the evolutionary process

The  image of God is unknown

People who are sometimes mistaken in the legends of the Torah and the rest of the Bible are sometimes confused to think that God has a image of man.
But the truth is that the image of God is unknown. And certainly he does not have a figure or form of man or animal or plant or any animal that created. Because the form of animals is according to their physical limitations and these limitations do not exist on God.
Let us summarize and say that man was not created in the image of God.
God also has no image of a source of light or a star as mistaken for employees (believers of light)
God is essentially different from living or dead, and man in general and therefore can  not be seen at all with no sense or feeling.


The God of Israel

The God of Israel
For those who did not distort its meaning
He is the God of everything.
God is the God of everybody
He is the God of Israel
Every child in Israel  knows that
And every child knows that he is neither dust nor light
Not from flesh and not from  person.
So is the spirit, the soul
They are not God at all.

The craziest

The craziest are the people who try to connect with God or the divine spark that they imagine that exists within them. Or  trying seeing God.
They are all crazy people suffering from disorders of faith and self-harm. A person can not connect or adhere to or merge with God. Even God controls anyone he wants. Because God is not material and man is made of dust only.
The techniques used for these devious things are self-hypnosis. And a person feels or sees only false fantasies directed by self-suggestion. These things harm and make them brings himself to the aggravation of his illness. Like the beam for the madmen trying to get out of them  energies or to transfer energies or connect their souls to another creature.

When the culture chooses its religious leaders from among these people, the culture breaks down. And if things include lewdness and spiritual deviant intercourse and even theories, religious leaders are also deviant.

The same thing happens when religion has crazy theories that are superstitions to normal people. Then the religious leaders are much more elected than those with Type A borderline personality disorder and are therefore sometimes aggressive and extremist.

The person is all dust

Man is all dust  because God did not want, in my opinion, to create a creature. And even one creature, that will be a god. And this because God, will never  create in my opinion  another god -  So there is no other God. Creatures whose divine nature may in the course of evolution create another God. That is why He created the earth (land, matter) so that there would be no alivel. And all the creatures made from the land. He organized a small part of the land to make life. And therefore the person and his soul l and spirit are all made of dust and land only.
And the souls of the dead (their spirit, their souls) do not become angels after death. They can not act on even one creature. alive or  dead. They can not even act on one person. The belief that man becomes an angel (or part of God) after his death is the essence of the work of the dead. And it is  nonsense. Just as the belief that the stars is alive and control the fate of men (astrology) is the essence of star work. And it, too, is complete nonsense.
And God, in my opinion, made sure that the soul ( spirit) will be never revealed by man so that no one  cant torture or kill creatures in their souls. For this is a very big crime. And if, in my opinion, God had imagined that the soul would ever be revealed, He would create another creation of another dust. Which is not the land and matter of the earth that seems to us in our senses and in the scientific measuring instruments and the scientific experiments. And of course not alive and its essence is not divine. And from which he was made the soul - only that man never reveal the soul (soul, spirit)
Note I, as secular, do not distinguish between  soul and spirit.

Man is not a deity

Even those who lie and say that a Star of David or a Menorah are not a symbol of God but a symbol of a person or the people of Israel are idolaters. Because man is not a down-deity, as one imagines in a crazy of greatness.

Similarly, man is not a God of above - an ancient Supreme Man - and this, too, is an enormous madness of greatness.


There is no common soul

There is no common sould. For example to all human beings or to any living or group of creatures or people and so on. God does not create creatures that may become other gods by force and power from the evolutionary process.
Groups  and peoples are created from education and natural laws in which individuals act as a group.

There are no devils and no devil and no evil eye

There are no devils and no devil and no evil eye because there is no proof of their existence.

And man who  Bowed in his prayer before God to the right and left to say hello to the angels, because he was afraid of the devil. He was working the devil, for he was afraid of the devil and wanted to honor him or worship the angels. And the angels or demons, or turning to them in the name of God to harm one person or another or to help one person or another is a sorcerer. Even though all this is utter nonsense, for there are no devils and no devils and the angels do not obey him. And they do it evil people to frighten the public and control it.
And these bad people, who frighten the public, must be punished and imprisoned in prison in serious cases.

Later he proved that there were no demons, no Satan, and no angels of sabotage.
And the belief in the evil eye, that looking at people is harmless, is just superstition.

Throw away the books of mysticism

 Threw the mystical books to the trash
Because with God you will not be able to communicate
And Auras will not see.
And if you hear voices
Or look at Images
You're crazy.
And if you see a Auras, you're crazy.
And if he did not throw away the mystical books
You are turning,
Suffering from disorders of faith
Until the request for self-loss.

In  the books of mysticism  thre is yoga  - in which they communicate with their idol with the help of the imaginary snake and go crazy with nonsense.
And books of sorts and books from Jewish Christian and Muslim sects and other religions.

God is not material

We know that God is not material because it precedes matter (land, light, moon, stars, earth sun, electron atoms, protons and other atoms and even strings)
He was also very smart and intelligent and clever and very good in his feelings even before he created the material. Because it is impossible to create the material and plan it and to make the whole life and the human being out of the dust without much wisdom and very good feelings
Only God knows Himself - and therefore there are unanswered questions.

he cruel altar

The Temple had an altar
In which the sacrifice of animals, trees, plants and birds was sanctified.
Cruel was the altar
He ate a lot of life.
And God does not need food
He does not eat meat
And, of course, there are no souls and spirits.
It's just animal abuse.
Against the idolatry they made the altar, and they knew it was bad
And therefore restricted their wickedness only to the Temple
But the altar ate the temple
For there was cruel idolatry.
And had no practical benefit.
God did not want him, because he shamed his name
And the the Temple was destroyed
Where  blood spilled
until this day.

Even to the land God has no need (though the landt is not alive and the greedy priests will want silver and gold)
God does not need land. It is not made of dust or of the soil spirit (a nonsensical term that does not exist). And the land  is not his body. So there is no need for victims of gold and silver and copper and iron...

Anyone who sinned in the sin of the golden calf died within a few days according to Torah, except for Aaron the priest and his sons. And therefore only they bear the sin of the golden calf according to the Torah with criminal responsibility. That their descendants do not bear the sin of their fathers unless they continue it.

Man is a separate being from God

Humans and all other creatures are beings with a completely independent ability to live. They do not need God to live and function. And God is not part of them. Moreover they are built so that God does not have to control them all the time. And to observe them in order to know all their actions and thoughts. For every speech and thought and all that man feels, hears, smells, and sees in all his senses is recorded in the memory of man forever. And even things that are not actually remembered. In memory they are still recorded.

A crazy world

A crazy world
Crazy with atomic bombs
And mostly biological weapons
And cluster bombs and chemical weapons
And a sword shall strike each other
Destroy peoples and tribes and families and individuals.
Half a world is poisoned by teeth
And the madness is very great.
And the rest are bad, toxic from pots
Or hunger strikes them hard
With terrible diseases that are not treated.
Can not limit birth
And forget that all men are equal.
And I am waiting for the dissolution of evil
Without any war.
The greatest danger to man
is wicked of another person
And when he's crazy
A greater conviction.


I really want a child
Have a child of my own
And a woman!
I really want a woman.
To Have a mother to my children.
I just want a woman
And I wait, wait, and hope.
That I will heal and heal in time.

Spirit  and soul are not God.

Spirit   and the soul are not God and are not His body.
This belief is the essence of a common idolatrous  that shows the madness of greatness.
Moreover. The dead can not even affect one living being. There is not even a single evidence of this nonsense. And even in the things the dead man desired most, the life after him does as they please.

Spirit  and soul are not light

They are not light because light is not fundamentally different from material and can be destroyed and scrutinized by evil and curious people who want to find or destroy souls.
Note As a secular person, I do not distinguish, as I wrote before, between soul, and spirit.


to be continuoed

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